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Welcome to Informatik Inc. Based in Pennsylvania, USA, since 1994, Informatik Inc has specialized in graphics software. We offer software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, PDF, document imaging, and deed mapping.

Informatik AppendTiff

Append Tiff files, merge pages, concatenate, paginate

Overview of Informatik Append Tiff

AppendTIFF is a powerful and flexible utility to append, concatenate TIFF files (and other graphics formats), rearranging, inserting, replacing and deleting pages in multi-page TIFF files.

Informatik AppendTiff is compatible with the latest (and all recent) Windows operating systems.

For more extensive options, try Informatik Reformat. Click here. .

Highlights of Informatik AppendTiff

  • Combine (append), concatenate Tiff files into a single Tiff file.
  • Extract one or more pages from a multipage Tiff file and save them to a new or existing Tiff file
  • Change the page order of a Tiff file. For example, move page x to a different position
  • Delete pages in a multipage TIFF file
  • Combine TIFF files, complete files or selected pages of a file
  • Combine non-TIFF files into a multi-page TIFF file (BMP, GIF, PNG, JPEG)
  • Supports Tiff LZW, CCITT4, CCITT3 TIFF formats. Also supports JPEG compressed TIFF format
  • Free for personal, non-business use

For more detailed information about the software, please download the product's User Guide .

Append Tiff,

Multipage Tiff,

Add page, remove page

rearrange pages,

Free Download

Download Informatik AppendTiff (<1.5 MB)
The program is free.