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Welcome to Informatik Inc.

Welcome to Informatik Inc. Based in Pennsylvania, USA, since 1994, Informatik Inc has specialized in graphics software. We offer software for graphics conversions, graphics editing, image viewers, scanning, PDF, document imaging, and deed mapping.

Informatik Scan - Multipage scanning Software

Append pages, move pages, border clean-up, deskew

Overview of scanning software

Informatik Scan is a universal user-interactive a scanning software program compatible with TWAIN compliant scanners. The scanned images are displayed and can be saved as a single or multi-page TIFF or PDF (also PDF/A) file or in many other common graphics formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP. Features include Optical Character Recognition (OCR), auto-incrementing file naming, multi-page functions, redaction (white-out, blackout), border removal, thumbnail display, separator sheets, individual and global rotations, auto-trimming,black border removal, cropping, deskewing, and more. For a complete list of features see the section below. Informatik Scan is a perfect companion to our Infothek Archiver document management software.

Barcode scanning, OCR

A separate program is available for scanning documents and automatically naming the output (single page or multi-page) according to a barcode or text on the scanned pages or separator pages. Most barcode symbologies are supported, as well as OCR. The program is very versatile with many options. The license is included with the main Informatik Scan.

Informatik Scan is compatible with Windows 10 and earlier operating systems.

Highlights of Informatik Scan

  • Scanning to a Workfile so that changes can be made before saving the file
  • Re-arrange, remove, group pages; Deskew, border cleanup, crop, redact (white or black), rotate, remove black borders
  • Scanned pages are displayed as thumbnails and full-size for editing
  • Flatbed, ADF, duplex
  • Deskew, despeckle, rotation, inversion
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Blank sheet recognition
  • Support for common graphics file formats: multipage TIFF, PDF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, BMP, and others
  • Industry standard TIFF compressions: CCITT4 (Group 4), CCITT3, LZW, JPEG-compressed TIFF, mixed compressions in multi-page files
  • Output to PDF format, single page, multi-page (standard or encrypted, also support for PDF/A)
  • Serialized page output, auto-incrementing file numbering
  • Add new scanned pages to an existing TIFF file, re-arrange pages
  • Append, insert scanned pages to back, front, anywhere
  • Separator pages
  • Duplex simulation (interleave pages)
  • Barcode recognition for file naming and page separation
  • Optional direct Scan-and-save without Workfile

For more detailed information about the software, please download the product's user guides
Download user guide for Informatik Scan

Download user guide for Barcode Scan

Scanning software,

Multipage Tiff,

Append pages, move pages

Barcode scanning,

TWAIN, Deskew, Duplex Informatik Inc USA

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